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If these old walls could talk

silence would be forever

threatened because of

the life we’ve shared.

They’d speak of traditions

with white Christmas trees

and tomato red stockings

hung perfectly down

maple staircases.

If these old walls could talk

they’d reminisce of anniversaries

spent privately with

bottles of Italian-imported

merlot and white chocolate

mints shared on

our favorite couch and blanket.

If these old walls could talk

they’d speak of fried

chicken, collard greens,

black-eyed peas, and

golden-brown crusted

cornbread cooked on

Sundays and shared

amongst merry friends.

If these old walls could talk

they’d dearly recall fallen

tears on tissues, held

by mourners dawned

in black suits, dresses,

suede stilettos and loafers.

If these old walls could talk

they’d extoll the three

years of rearing your

nephew when his mother

was in prison, recovering from

alcohol and her own misdeeds.

If these old walls could talk

they’d lose track of counting

the litany of laughs and

smiles that brought our

once new home to life.

If these old walls could talk

we’d sit and listen to their

endless stories, never

regretting a single moment. 


Stand still.

Speak only silence

as I admire you fully.

Your person dwarfs

Greek gods and

etches a new

meaning into

La Negritude

and shouted

declarations like

“I’m Black

and I’m proud.”

Yes, you are

a renaissance

Negro, unashamed

to embrace all

of who you are

in a society

predicated on

convenient boxes,

despite how they

are universally


They are lies.

I smile


as you stand

Black man.

You are truth.

Your actions

and movements

speak freedom,

only validated

by your words –

not the promise

of vice versa.

You humbly

teach us lessons

for tomorrow,

not just today.

Led by your vision,

you forge new

paths for us all.

Par consequence,

you deserve a

standing ovation.


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