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Au​thor. Poet. Suicide-Prevention Advocate.


About the Author

Malcolm Odell Varner is an author, poet, and suicide prevention advocate. Despite graduating from two of Ohio's finest institutions of higher education and holding a license to practice social work (LSW), Malcolm is no stranger to adversity. As someone who lives with bi-polar disorder, he's endured childhood trauma, homelessness, and the pits of hopelessness. Yet, Malcolm has found the strength to persevere thanks to a loving support system and, most importantly, a vision of authorship and advocacy to inspire others.


A Family of Their Own

Release Date: 2/17/20

Check out my debut novel. Creative, comical, innovative, heartbreaking, and filled with real-life tension, A Family of Their Own is the next book for you. While recognizing the beauty and value of LGBTQ families, the story also draws attention to challenges they face in society and even with their own kindred. Through the lives of the main characters, you're bound to discover that having it all often comes at a daunting price. 



"The universe is the destiny of my visions
and the keeper of my dreams.
And as long as my eyes are fixed above,
my soul cannot be held down."

- Malcolm O. Varner